Dear Books,

I could pen a novel I think, about how I adore you. The depth of meaning you hold and the offered reflection you have provided would still likely not be captured. So I say,

Fiction or no

Romance, mystery, suspense, poetry

Laughter, tears of joy, sorrow

Authors and poets sharing wisdom

Words written and bound

Pages turned back and forth, back again

Texture, weight – meaning

Early on you opened my world to

Adventure, beauty, possibility

A constant source,

The direct route to peace

Then, still, always I will carry you with me.



Engaging Connection

With a U.S. recognized holiday approaching, families (by creation or design) will gather to share their time, hearty food creations and perhaps a thanks or two for all that is good and kind in their lives. Others will be spending the holiday in other ways, significant to them, and perhaps also with dedicated recognition of blessings and good fortune.

Whether solo or many, here is an engaging way for all of us to be connected through a shared word/story experience. Here, via Seth Godin, a free resource and idea for your U.S. Thanksgiving or a time of dedicated thanks-giving wherever you are in the world.

A Thanksgiving Reader,

Word Power

I thought “laughter”.  It was random.  Sitting at my desk at work. Alright then. In deference, a slight nod of my head, an inkling of a smile. And then unbidden, quickly, in random fashion a maelstrom of words came bursting forth. Positivity ensued.

Bliss. Glory. Happiness. Paradise. Prosperity. Felicity. Pleasure. Gratitude. Cheer. Ravishment. Exhilaration. Content. Merry. Delight. Elation. Mirth. Giddiness. Pleasure. Joy. Beatitude. Euphoria. Jubilation. Jollity. Bright. Spirited. Rapture. Vivacious. Hopeful. Optimistic. Smile.

Scribbling stopped.  Smile had been written. Had I thought the word or written it because I was actually sitting there smiling?  No matter, the word had earned its place.