IN to NC 17-20/31

Somewhat of a cheat here, but all the days have been similar in task, and honestly they got away from me in terms of posts. The recap really is all about boxes and working the j.o.b. And music. There has been music.

Boxes — what to box (pondering and executing this since Thanksgiving weekend); how to box; how to ship the box(es); circle back and begin again. Tunes have crossed genre and format, vinyl to CD to streaming. All marvelous and dedicated to keep moving.

J.O.B. — what to box, oh no, no, no, already doing that (see above!)… working regular hours and overtime to complete tasks so no else has to do them; shifting tasks that will go beyond my leave date to my team; training with a team member to implement a new content management system to help achieve outlined goals; consolidating processes of the current and ongoing original CMS with the other team member; assuring the players they are great at what they do and that I’ll be a phone call away if they need that reminder. The tunes were set to, with speakers adjusted lower during staff times and noticeably louder when alone in the office.

By nature of needing to load those boxes this coming weekend, the cycle of box contemplation and prep will soon end. There will be relief in that.

The j.o.b continues through next week, overtime as well. And by nature of a leave date, this 15+ year gig will also end.

Cycles. Conclusions. Next big adventures. What it’s all about.


IN to NC 7/31

Streaming tunes through ALT 99.5

Pre-dawn work arrival will hopefully result in earlier evening pre-move prep.

Count across rooms for truck or container: 14 larger furniture type items; 9-15 chair, screen, easier carry pieces; 15 + bins/boxes = kitchen, books, vinyl, electronics, pictures, pretties

In my vehicle: pup, clothes and bath items

Sun is shining. Blessed.