IN to NC 13/31

Into day 13 of final countdown to the move to North Carolina. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but for some reason today time seems to be moving much more rapidly.

Feeling of the day: panic. Much prefer thrilled!!!

What I can say for the day is that creativity is born of necessity. New ideas for solving some logistics issues are being formed. Idea generation is one of my favorite things, so I best be embracing the opportunity to develop new ones for myself, even if I thought the original ones would work!

Gratitude: Supportive suggestion. Fam and friends are my touchstone.


IN to NC 12/31

The IN job.

Wrapping up various initiatives I oversee, determine, process, execute. Years of projects that have been by my side, if not following me, to be assigned or completed over the course of six short weeks since giving notice. Inquiry of overtime. Over the next few weeks. Possibly getting compensated for hours I normally work beyond.


Joker at play. Overtime. Time. Scarce.

So happy most of the boxes are packed!

IN to NC 10/31

Job search continues — hunting down opportunity, researching company websites, online applications, resume uploads, personalized cover letters.

Little things, space saving tasks — CD’s from cases to sleeves; paperwork sifted, sorted, filed, shredded.

Favorite thing — staging/display. Books, photos, magazines, art set for display and use in Roomie new space. Meaningful objects that over the course of a number of years I have had the honor of helping set in various ways,¬†offering added joy to what is already held close.

Best thing — time shared.