Day 8, Selfie

August Break day 8 prompt: Selfie. Sigh.



If I am able to hear you

   in the midst of your silence

See your story in the white space

Through your tears glimpse your joy

Feel the anguish in your laughter

If I am able to reflect back to you

   what you already know

My achievements will be many

   My Purpose DeFined

~~~ JL

Room with a view.

Typically Monday through Saturday, the hustle and bustle of the surrounding neighborhood can be heard through the open windows of our 7-story building.  There is some comfort in the city sounds, the activities a reminder we are thriving. Sundays provide a nice respite from the usual quick pace and outside activity.  

It is a beautiful Sunday morning at Fairfield Manor.  The city is slow to rise. Quiet. The sun is shining, gently gleaming into our amazing abundance of windows and French doors. The morning dew is reflected in the trees and grass, lush green and vibrant. Birds are chattering, cicada chirps fade as they settle in for their nap, and a gentle cool breeze drifts into our spaces. It is a lovely day.

What’s the view from your room?