IN to NC 16/31

Most of us have heard at some point, something resembling ‘Don’t take things for granted…’. Most often this is a guiding statement for me, in wanting to ensure I am paying attention, present in any given moment, knowing the collective moments are it. The stuff of our lives.

I realized today, in the best possible way, I do take something, someone, for granted. Diana. Not in a way that isn’t kind or aware, but in that to the depths of my soul I know we will always have each other kind of way. We have shared our experiences for more than 3/4 of our lives. Wonderful, not-so-great and all the types of life stuff between, moments. We are soul sisters.

We are known to have coffee time marathons – commence chatting – and hours later we look around and see the landscape of people has changed around us. Ebbs and flows, and we are part of the changes, sharing in our experiences. Days, months, years, decades later. Still.

By nature of our friendship, this next big adventure of mine means Diana has little choice but to come along. At least by way of how we stay in touch, how we visit, and how we will continue to share our experiences.

It is the grandest of gifts, her friendship. She knows she has my heart, this sister friend of mine. I am better for knowing her. And I thank her for waving her hand in that geographic farewell even as she would hold me here.

We know we get to keep taking our friendship for granted. Always. Forever. Soul sisters.



What? Notification of my 50th blog post!  How fitting that you my friend of over 30 years, would mark this small personal writing/sharing milestone. Love anaid.  Love.