Dear Feet,

You have not always been at the forefront of my thoughts, a shame really. I mean there is an abundance of gratitude I do feel for you, though in my life I do not think you have heard it expressed directly. Over the course of my life, you have carried me forward 600 months, give or take a few. Marching band, hikes, biking, casual walks, dancing, exercise, up stairs and down. You have covered countless miles.

There have been a few specific experiences where you brought my attention to you front and center. Remember the Grand Tetons? That 7-day backpacking trek through, over and around the mountains… It was a glorious adventure, and you held up your end of that bargain with flying colors. I took you for granted, and you did not let me down. You held the weight of that pack, those wool socks and boots, through snow, water, shale, along switchbacks and through meadows. You were strong and steadfast, and held me up through to the end.

I unwittingly did you harm the fall of 2013. I did not prepare you well for a work event and wore shoes not suitable for the work that we were tasked with. My unfortunate poor choice in footwear created a pain in the right foot that stays with us still. For the most part, each step I take, or balance pose I attempt, is a reminder of the healing that continues to take place. You continue to heal. Even with the discomfort, you still carry me on.

Thank you for the places you have carried me, and for your supportive ways.

Marching on…



Journey Unfolding

settingsunmeetsocean_spr2013Tiger jumped into the center of my open and newly cleared self, offering her protection; Gazelle arrived, offering awareness.

May I reflect Tigers courage, bravery, and strength, fully present in this moment; embrace Gazelle’s wisdom to trust my intuition, so I might act swiftly, navigating with grace.