IN to NC Wrap-Up

NC: You have presented some twists and shifts to whatever preconceived plan I had. For the new location, new connection, new gig, I give thanks. I stepped into the next big adventure to experience this big adventure. Gratitude. 


IN to NC 17-20/31

Somewhat of a cheat here, but all the days have been similar in task, and honestly they got away from me in terms of posts. The recap really is all about boxes and working the j.o.b. And music. There has been music.

Boxes — what to box (pondering and executing this since Thanksgiving weekend); how to box; how to ship the box(es); circle back and begin again. Tunes have crossed genre and format, vinyl to CD to streaming. All marvelous and dedicated to keep moving.

J.O.B. — what to box, oh no, no, no, already doing that (see above!)… working regular hours and overtime to complete tasks so no else has to do them; shifting tasks that will go beyond my leave date to my team; training with a team member to implement a new content management system to help achieve outlined goals; consolidating processes of the current and ongoing original CMS with the other team member; assuring the players they are great at what they do and that I’ll be a phone call away if they need that reminder. The tunes were set to, with speakers adjusted lower during staff times and noticeably louder when alone in the office.

By nature of needing to load those boxes this coming weekend, the cycle of box contemplation and prep will soon end. There will be relief in that.

The j.o.b continues through next week, overtime as well. And by nature of a leave date, this 15+ year gig will also end.

Cycles. Conclusions. Next big adventures. What it’s all about.

IN to NC 16/31

Most of us have heard at some point, something resembling ‘Don’t take things for granted…’. Most often this is a guiding statement for me, in wanting to ensure I am paying attention, present in any given moment, knowing the collective moments are it. The stuff of our lives.

I realized today, in the best possible way, I do take something, someone, for granted. Diana. Not in a way that isn’t kind or aware, but in that to the depths of my soul I know we will always have each other kind of way. We have shared our experiences for more than 3/4 of our lives. Wonderful, not-so-great and all the types of life stuff between, moments. We are soul sisters.

We are known to have coffee time marathons – commence chatting – and hours later we look around and see the landscape of people has changed around us. Ebbs and flows, and we are part of the changes, sharing in our experiences. Days, months, years, decades later. Still.

By nature of our friendship, this next big adventure of mine means Diana has little choice but to come along. At least by way of how we stay in touch, how we visit, and how we will continue to share our experiences.

It is the grandest of gifts, her friendship. She knows she has my heart, this sister friend of mine. I am better for knowing her. And I thank her for waving her hand in that geographic farewell even as she would hold me here.

We know we get to keep taking our friendship for granted. Always. Forever. Soul sisters.

IN to NC 15/31

Friday. Marks a week of calls, creative adjustments and new plans for move of “stuff”. I didn’t anticipate those processes being more of a challenge than transporting the family pet across several states and many hours. Chalk it all up to doable challenge I suppose.

Overtime equates to the work week not being over at the close of today. Had the normal 40 hours for this gig been in effect, I would have gotten to leave yesterday at noon. I’ve decided it will be easier to embrace this week into the next two work weeks as a unit of time that won’t be measured in hours but rather in conclusions of tasks. We’ll see if that masks the other ways I would otherwise choose to spend my non-work time.

As the Universe smiles upon me, reminding me to see humor in things large and small, I just opened a “Recognition of Service” thank-you card from my employer. Early February would mark my 17th year of service.

This week also brought about a daily text exchange with someone who’d been out of touch for a number of years. The brief interlude has been fun, past shared experiences recalled, through as few as a handful of words that spark the reason we possibly connected originally.

The Universe smiles.


IN to NC 14/31

Day 14 into the month. Places and faces encountered as potential lasts for some time to come. Heightened focus on the conversation, laughter, the choice and taste of the meal, the space, the people wandering from here to there, and the embrace.

I’m fortunate that there will be more times to chat with H before I hit the road.

Daniel, one of the CS3 crew that makes the space the space, was a potential long-term good-bye. So glad he was at our table, offering his usual spirit and attentiveness.

These IN people and spaces are part of me, extensions of my good life.


IN to NC 13/31

Into day 13 of final countdown to the move to North Carolina. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but for some reason today time seems to be moving much more rapidly.

Feeling of the day: panic. Much prefer thrilled!!!

What I can say for the day is that creativity is born of necessity. New ideas for solving some logistics issues are being formed. Idea generation is one of my favorite things, so I best be embracing the opportunity to develop new ones for myself, even if I thought the original ones would work!

Gratitude: Supportive suggestion. Fam and friends are my touchstone.

IN to NC 12/31

The IN job.

Wrapping up various initiatives I oversee, determine, process, execute. Years of projects that have been by my side, if not following me, to be assigned or completed over the course of six short weeks since giving notice. Inquiry of overtime. Over the next few weeks. Possibly getting compensated for hours I normally work beyond.


Joker at play. Overtime. Time. Scarce.

So happy most of the boxes are packed!

IN to NC 11/31

Ice (covering cars, parking lots, streets), below freezing temps, car interiors that sound like they are cracking when sitting in seats and opening doors. Harsh.

And welcome as a way to calm these frenzied thoughts as the days edge closer to the move.

For some time to come seldom will I, post-move, have to deal with this type  of weather.

Multiple decades in the making, that annual winter dread, wishing I lived somewhere other than where I am. It will be an easy habit to break.




IN to NC 10/31

Job search continues — hunting down opportunity, researching company websites, online applications, resume uploads, personalized cover letters.

Little things, space saving tasks — CD’s from cases to sleeves; paperwork sifted, sorted, filed, shredded.

Favorite thing — staging/display. Books, photos, magazines, art set for display and use in Roomie new space. Meaningful objects that over the course of a number of years I have had the honor of helping set in various ways, offering added joy to what is already held close.

Best thing — time shared.

IN to NC 9/31

Another large box packed.

Spinning tunes, vinyl and CD, desiring to fill quiet.

Will lunch with a friend today before heading to a gathering on her behalf, a birthday celebration. The majority of us joining are part of a book club that has been going strong for over eight years. Not all of us have been involved that long, but with the exception of two, this friend was instrumental in each of us meeting. We have all become friends. I wonder does she know, the gift she has given us. Realized on her birthday.

Weekend countdown to move: 3