Dear Home,

You are more than shelter. Which isn’t to say that in and of itself isn’t appreciated. Most definitely, one of life’s core securities is having shelter. And for that I am most grateful; you are not taken for granted.

You are my safe space. You wrap yourself around me gently, having allowed me to create a sense of security for all who enter and share in this space with me. Through you, I offer and live in safe haven.

Home, you patiently stand solid as I switch out your rooms, creating new and sometimes unexpected use of space. The definition of dining room is human expressed, and you have witnessed that space as a music room, sleeping quarters, dressing room, library and numerous other expressions suited to the moment or situation over the years. Thank you for being an outlet as I repurpose and creatively redefine spaces.

Structurally, your form has changed due to life’s surprises and twists, and also sometimes by my measure of determined initiation. As an adult, no matter the location, I have been blessed by your shelter and safety. What would I do if I didn’t have you as a means to redefine space, to showcase collected items of meaning, to share with others my safe and welcome haven?

With gratitude,




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