West Balcony

Views to offset the grey days of late, as previously captured from our west balcony:

Photo credit Rob Borel

el·e·va·tor – Out of Order



  1. a platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different floors or level.

Tuesday, December 17th, from early a.m. throughout the day, the Manor elevator will be decommissioned for service and repair.  It is likely this will be a day-long event.

Plan accordingly. The carrying of holiday gifts or grocery bags laden with treats may be best suited for any other day of the week.

The good news? Our building has not one but two beautifully designed stairwells.  Here is our chance to become directly reaquainted with the architecture!  Yes, yes, easier said than done if heading to the 2nd floor rather than the 7th.

Here then is one way to welcome the chill in the air before coming into the building… offsets stair climbing.


The fierce warrior within, dormant, unnamed, was awakened

well before that first open-mouthed, toothless grin formed around

the spoonful of carrots when she saw me walk toward her…

Checking under the bed to make sure, again, there are no scary things;

tucked in with blessings and prayers for family, friends;

assurance the angels are keeping watch…

Kissing scrapes after tumbles to quickly transpired for me to divert…

Sharing in her joy with a new friendship secured, sharing her sadness as it fades…

Connecting in our laughter, the story unimportant;

the memory of the laughter remains and is revisited in our conversations…

Fierce and loving protector always, specifically born for her I think…

Ah, what we don’t know, until we do, given all the precautions, guidelines,

safety measures we are taught to teach —

the proper way to brush teeth, the look left-right-left move before crossing the street,

bundling up against the cold…

Is that fierce warrior Me, always desiring to protect and keep her safe,

free from harm to the best of my ability, has been schooled…

I am unable to protect her from herself…