Word Power

I thought “laughter”.  It was random.  Sitting at my desk at work. Alright then. In deference, a slight nod of my head, an inkling of a smile. And then unbidden, quickly, in random fashion a maelstrom of words came bursting forth. Positivity ensued.

Bliss. Glory. Happiness. Paradise. Prosperity. Felicity. Pleasure. Gratitude. Cheer. Ravishment. Exhilaration. Content. Merry. Delight. Elation. Mirth. Giddiness. Pleasure. Joy. Beatitude. Euphoria. Jubilation. Jollity. Bright. Spirited. Rapture. Vivacious. Hopeful. Optimistic. Smile.

Scribbling stopped.  Smile had been written. Had I thought the word or written it because I was actually sitting there smiling?  No matter, the word had earned its place.


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