She is

a master storyteller, a dreamer, a traveler.  Born to a certain time and place, her daydreaming allows her to be as she sees herself, rather than as the person emerged from reality.  Her expressions light her face. She brings joy and laughter to those eagerly anticipating the story’s conclusion.  She brings new life to the tale with each telling, even if an ending is already known.  She is loved for her ability to transport us to another time and place with her.  She is easily moved to tears, and as quickly moved to giggling with childlike abandon, pulling those around her into the mood and moment.  She hurts and remains steadfast in her commitment to life, her family and her friends.  Her strength of will and determination carry her beyond what others could manage.  She is then carried away in her dreams.

She is

young and ethereal.  Fixed in time. With soft curls, dressed for the day, wearing bobby socks and Mary Jane’s. She holds her sister’s hand, gently smiles.  She brings joy, promotes memories. She is an angel. 

She is

strong in her faith, growing into one from another.  She is made of strong stock and is equally vulnerable.  She is the standards-bearer, requesting no less than what she gives.  Journeys abroad and stateside, relocation inevitable, she creates stability and a sense of place for her family. She bakes sweet treats and eats and is the consummate hostess, generous with her time and offerings.  Fiercely loyal, her stubborn resolve brings comfort, support and consistency to family and friends in her care.  Her adulthood focused on care of loved ones, she now enjoys a renewed curiosity for shared adventure and companionship with her husband and family.  She lives.

She is

witty and full of a poetry that demands unbridled laughter, engagement and a curiosity that leaves you wondering what comes next.  Her quick sarcasm dictates her companions stay on their best game or be lost in the exchange. There is something in her manner that exudes comfort.  The warmth and energy surrounds her. She is often amused and confounded at the willingness of strangers to share their story with her.  She is shy though her desire to put others at ease will instantly make her the life of the party.  She sings, having done so since an early age and then for decades following. Singing makes way for quiet contemplation in response to life’s twists and turns.  She converses often with God and shares in dreams with those who have passed. She is then silent, and shares in dreams with those who are present.

She is

kind to a fault, and in having said the same of others, seems not to recognize the characteristic as it lives within her.  Keenly aware of injustices to others, she is easily moved to tears for their mistreatment, be it stranger or friend.  She will fight body and soul to protect those she loves.  Her stubbornness is equally matched with her natural ability to make others feel safe and protected.   She wants to feel loved and offers hers with an abandon worthy of praise.  She is a master costume creator, transforming others through the magic of fabric. Clowning around, she delivers joy, moments of happiness and hope that colorfully float toward the sky.  Her reward is in the giving. Her strength is felt in her offering of self and too soon she suffers.  She pretends, endures, shares.  In unnecessary challenge, she departs to a family gathering where not all are present.  She awaits a reunion, at the ready with warm embraces and love.  

She is

daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend.

Singularly, she is unique unto herself, a force to behold.

Collectively, traits unique and shared, they are the aunts. The next generations life source. They are the color, light, energy and air we breathe. They are our inspiration.

The aunts are and will forever be,

“The Davis Girls”


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